Your Photographer

I am Stephanie.

I am a star gazer, a berry picker, a lake swimmer, a bare-foot meadow runner. I believe in soul mates, destiny, and belly-aching laughter. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than getting caught in summer storms, sharing a chocolate ice cream cone, and howling at the first full moon of the summer.  I have discovered recently that true love is coming home to a messy house because you’ve been playing in the mountains together all weekend. It is remembering to leave an orange with the leaves still attached in your Christmas stocking each year because that is what your dad always did. And sometimes it is that feeling that there is nowhere you’d rather be than in your pajamas together at the Taco Bell drive through at midnight for fourth-meal.

I photograph love in an attempt to capture that butterfly feeling before you see your bride for the first time, the goose bumps when he brushes a hair gently from your eye, and the peace you feel in each others’ embrace as the rest of the world disappears.

I am a hopeless romantic, and I want to capture your celebration.